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2-in-1 design: Luftfuktare med Stjärnhimmels-projektor

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Crystal Night Light Projection Humidifier

Beskåda det vackra ljuset från stjärnhimmeln, samtidigt som du får återfuktad och fräsch luft i ditt hem! Låt denna luftfuktare rena luften i ditt hem under dagen, och slå sedan igång den perfekta nattlampa - en hel stjärnhimmel i ditt rum.


- Large capacity: 500ml large water tank, long-lasting moisturizing, nano-atomization technology

- 2 in 1 design: not only can use as a humidifier, but also can use as a fantastic night light, wide projection area, clear, starry sky can be seen at any time

- Adjustable spray mode: It can be switched freely, the continuous spraying time is 10 hours, and the intermittent spraying time is up to 20 hours

- Ultra-quiet: ≤ 30db noise reduction design, so that you bid farewell to the dry air-conditioned room at night, peace of mind to sleep, will not be disturbed




Product Name: Crystal Night Light Projection Humidifier

Model Number: A99

Product Material: ABS + PS + Silicone + Nano atomized chip + Led Beads + electronic components

Power Supply: DC 5V

Work Current: LED Light ~ 400MA / Spray ~ 400mA

Work Power: LED Light 2W / Spray 2W

Water Capacity: 500mL

Mist Output: about 45mL/H

Product Size: 135x135x115mm

Unit Weight: 321g

Perform Standard: GB4706.1-2005, GB4706.48.2009



Paketet innehåller:

1x Humidifier

1x USB kabel

1x Bomullsfilter

1x Manual